Tesla Model S crash hype outweighs GM recalls

By Peter Chubb - Jul 8, 2014

Many of you would know by now that there has been another crash involving a Tesla Model S, and has been dominating the papers and news reports. This is nothing new because the fire last year also gained the same reaction, which we find disturbing, not by the crash itself, but the hype and the negativity surrounding this model.

GM recalls not dominating news as much as the Tesla Model S crash – From what we know, this is the first serious crash of the year involving the Model S, although it is a rather serious one because the vehicle snapped in half and burst into flames.

This has sparked outrage among people who seem to always come out of hibernation every time something bad happens to a Model S, which isn’t as often as they like to make out.

Tesla has already come out and asked to take a closer look at the vehicle to understand a few things, one is how was the thief able to take the car for a joyride in the first place, and the second, how it managed to break in half?

We can understand why they would want to get to the bottom of this, but when people criticize the electric vehicle for bursting into flames, they need to think about the circumstances.

There is a strong chance that any car would burst into flames when crashing in excess of 80 mph. There is also another thing to consider, both passengers in the vehicle survived the crash, which is remarkable when you consider how fast they were traveling and that the Model S burst into flames.

Safety improvements – There have been a raft of safety improvements since the last time a Model S crashed, which was done under the watchful eye of the NHTSA. This shows that Tesla works hard to improve the safety and to keep the governing body fully apprised of the situation. So how come they are not commended for this; instead people put the boot in, while General Motors seems to be getting an easier time of late, especially as more models are added to the ever-increasing recall list?

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  • Jim5437532

    “Reports suggest that there were no other vehicles involved in the crash, which happened on the 4th July in Los Angeles.”

    I guess I could depend on how you define “involved”. The way I normally define “involved”; other vehicles were involved in both crashes.

    Reports indicate that several cars were damaged by the Tesla that crashed and exploded in West Hollywood. There is a smashed up white car in one of the photos, that looks like the emergency responders had cut off the top of one of the vehicles to remove trapped injured victims.

    Reports indicate that the Tesla that crashed in Palmdale and killed three people, set the Tesla set their car on fire when the Tesla ran into it. I get the impression that emergency responders also cut off the top of the vehicle trying to rescue the burned victims.

  • Jim5437532

    Years ago when safety advocates warned that lithium batteries were flammable, explosive and could emit toxic fumes; yet Tesla fan boys hyped the Tesla batteries being safe.

    Last week Tesla and its driver killed three people and set their car on fire; yet Tesla fan boys are hyping the crash as an example that the Tesla is safe.

    Last weekend a stolen Tesla crashed in West Hollywood, broke in half, bursts into an inferno, exploded, sent flaming shrapnel through the neighborhood, and spewed toxic fumes; yet Tesla fan boys hype the Tesla as being safe.

    Tesla’s poorly designed charge connectors have overheated, melted and burned. Poor manufacturing and poor quality control contributed to the problems. A fire department ruled that a Tesla charger was a possible source of a garage fire in California. Yet Tesla fan boys hype the Tesla as being safe and try to scapegoat the problems on wall outlets.

    The software update that Tesla fan boys hyped as a “fix” for the universal mobile charger fire hazards, didn’t stop the universal mobile chargers from overheating, melting and burning.

    The recalled adapter, that Tesla fan boys hyped as not being a recall, still has not completely solved the problems. There still has been some universal mobile chargers that have been overheating and melting.

    Most modern light poles are supposed to be breakaway to reduce the amount of damage and injury during a crash. The fact that the Tesla was ripped in half, suggests that there is a structural weakness.

    How was the car stolen? Was Tesla complacent and left the “keys”where they easily could be stolen? Has Tesla skimped on safety by not keeping the “keys” in a lock box? Did the thieves exploit a security vulnerability in the Tesla model S. designs and/or in Tesla’s lax procedures/policies?

    The Tesla high-speed car chase put public safety at risk, was the high-speed chase really necessary? Wasn’t GPS tracking activated in the car? If so; shouldn’t have Tesla and law enforcement cooperated to intercept the stolen car instead of having a high-speed police chase?

    If safety really was a top priority for Tesla, wouldn’t Tesla have a remote shutdown feature in case a Tesla is stolen and/or involved in a high-speed chase? A remote shutdown command, could disable the drive train, and apply the parking brakes when the vehicle comes to a stop.

    Allegedly Tesla has secret service bulletins on safety issues like faulty brakes. If safety really was a top priority for Tesla, shouldn’t Tesla be transparent? Shouldn’t service bulletins, especially ones that are related to safety be readily available to independent service shops, educators, owners, customers, and the general public?

    Tesla batteries more easily catch fire and explode after being punctured, then gasoline tanks. The Tesla is much like a Ford Pinto, yet Tesla is hyped as being safe. When only about 30,000 Tesla’s were made, three of them caught on fire and/or exploded from being in accidents or only running over road debris. When only 30,000 Ford Pintos were made how many of them have caught fire and/or exploded from being in accidents or running over road debris? In some respects the Tesla seems to be more dangerous than the Ford Pinto? How come Tesla is given favorable treatment?

    Tesla’s can suddenly shut off leaving drivers and passengers dangerously stranded in traffic; much like GMs ignition switch problems; yet Tesla is hyped as being safe. How come Tesla is given favorable treatment?

    There was a Tesla related fire in a garage in Toronto. Allegedly the source of the fire was the Tesla. Is the fire department’s investigation done? If so, how come the findings aren’t widely known? The government and Tesla were investigating the fire. How come more detailed facts and results seemingly haven’t been disclosed yet? Is there a cover-up? Allegedly the Tesla wasn’t even charging, so does Tesla have some other design flaw that is a fire hazard?

    I think Tesla fan boys are being less than honest when they hype Tesla safety. It is sickening to see Tesla fan boys exploiting tragedies to shill for Tesla by hyping Tesla’s safety.

    • WeaponZero

      Still trolling every Tesla article you find with lies and paranoid conspiracy theories?

      • Jim5437532

        Your whining shows truth gets your goat. lol

        “Still trolling every Tesla article you find with lies and paranoid conspiracy theories?”

        That’s a description of yourself, not me.

        Tesla fan boys like you chronically slander, spam lies and ignorance. In doing so you have proven how dishonest and ignorant you Tesla fan boys are.

        Do you get paid to slander, copy & paste spam, lies and ignorance? Not that any response from you could be trusted. You have no credibility.

        You shill for a greedy corporation that skimps on safety to manufacture overpriced unsafe dangerous products. You are in bed with big business and corporate greed.

        • WeaponZero

          I am not going to deny to be pro-Tesla, a lot of people are. You can click on my profile and see my post history, I have nothing to hide.

          You on the other hand make your post history private, why don’t you open up your profile and make it public for everyone to see?

          (I know why, last time you were caught copy & paste spamming you got banned from multiple sites, after that you made your history private)