PS Vita third-party future after Bioshock death

Those of you who bought a PS Vita specifically to play the promised PS Vita Bioshock game have been dealt a hammer blow this week. Ken Levine, formerly of Irrational Games has revealed that 2K and Sony were unable to come to a deal over the release of the game.

Rewind back to E3 2011, when Ken Levine proudly stepped onto the stage during Sony’s conference and unveiled that a PS Vita (or NGP back then) version of Bioshock Infinite would be on the way.

It was also going to be a new title from the ground up, rather than a direct port of Infinite and would be a unique title for PS Vita owners to enjoy exclusively.

So what happened? Now, Ken Levine has revealed on Twitter that 2K and Sony couldn’t come to an arrangement on the game. He also added that the deal was looking a lot more promising four years ago, but not now.

He also revealed in further Tweets that his idea for the game was to make Bioshock on PS Vita a Final Fantasy Tactics style of affair – i.e. a turn-based game with Levine a huge fan of this style of gameplay.

It would have been amazing to see Bioshock in this form but sadly it looks like at this point that we may never see this materialize.

Watch the video from E3 2011 again for the happy memories and let us know where you think it all went wrong. Is the PS Vita looking finished in terms of proper AAA third-party support?

Sony recently said that their PS Vita focus would be on indie games rather than first-party support, so let us know your thoughts on whether you think the PS Vita can still survive. Does it need another price cut?



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