GTA V High Roller update hype

By Alan Ng - Jul 8, 2014

Now that the GTA V Independence Day update has finished, players are already expecting Rockstar to deliver even more content with a new GTA V update on July 8, 2014. For the first time since we can remember, Rockstar delivered GTA V 1.14 and 1.15 patches back to back so could we be seeing the GTA V 1.16 update release date earlier than expected this week?

We have a feeling that we may see something, but also we wouldn’t be surprised if Rockstar didn’t offer anything as they have been pretty generous as of late. Yes we don’t have Heists yet, but nobody can argue that the free DLC for Independence Day as well as the free ‘I’m not a Hipster’ update were not worthwhile.

To keep you up to date with the latest GTA V news and rumors, there are whispers going around that Rockstar are preparing something known as the GTA V High Roller update.

Although it’s not official yet, source code has revealed that the GTA V Casino doors will finally open with this update, but it could also offer a lottery ticket system as well – more details on this can be seen in our previous report here.

The image you see above appears to highlight the GTA V High Roller patch, which was apparently spotted on the Xbox Marketplace prematurely before being removed – we can’t verify this though, so it may be a photoshop.

We know that the Casino is obviously coming soon though, so some kind of GTA V gambling update makes sense with the lottery system in place as well.

Could this gambling update be the GTA V 1.16 patch, before GTA V Heists is finally out with 1.17? Let’s wait and see if anything happens today regarding a new update.

Let us know your thoughts on the ongoing GTA V High Roller rumors – do you think the information is legit or are you not convinced yet?

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  • MonkeyCrotchSniffer

    i took a sh*t that came out as black as charcoal !

  • herpes

    jeez not another minor update im looking for a MILITARY update! who’s with me?

  • jordin

    I think we should be able to loan money from bank and be able to buy mansion and have 20 or more spaces I’n a garage

  • Werner Meyer

    ROCKSTARR you got to put this i please in poker let there also can be normal poker and team poker with team poker let you teammate and you see each other card and lend money 4 youre teammate if want to and also please put DIVEING gear also in and on pach 1.17 maby let that big SUBMARINE to be finish at the docks let we and dive with it to extreme deaths and also to have DEATHMACH with the SUBMARINE torpydose and late pach 1.19 or 1.120 let we can go to the snow land over see with plane we pay 4 the plane ticket and what plane to go with and in what class to sit in the plane go to the the LAND what have the SNOW please and please you got to bring out the BANK HEIST is other people read this please ASK ROCKSTARR the same thing what i ask 4

    • John

      My god reading this gave me a migraine…

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Rip English.

    • Random Person

      Stop yelling at me!

    • herpes

      well if you add them adding the hunter (attack helicopter) and the hydra (fighter jet) and a few other military vehicles then hell ya

  • Chrisclaw

    Look at the size of the update. No update is as big as 227 MB. It’s obviously fake. I even hope it is fake because myself and almost everyone are sick of waiting for Heists.

    • Cole

      It can be high in size if the detail is graphical inside the Casino. Also the use of Slot Machines and Video Poker, Black Jack, Roulette and the Lottery System. All of that takes up space creating a higher MB…

  • hi

    the high roller update has been proven fake already

    • cheese

      No it hasn’t fag

  • Corey

    I would like to put forth an idea in conjunction with casinos and gambling. Loan sharking by players. I have plenty of cash to loan to these suckers, and would happily track them down when they didn’t pay. You could automatically be put into sessions with those owing you money. You get RP and interest for waiting to call on your money when it’s due. They get more RP for paying on time, or a little less for a minimum partial payment.

    • Chris

      Love love love love this idea!!

    • D

      There are to much people that glitched themselves into millionaires

  • Corey

    “We have a feeling that we may see something, but also we wouldn’t be surprised if Rockstar didn’t offer anything…”

    Congrats. As usual you have NO opinion.

  • tyler james

    Of course we’re all excited about the Heists update but I don’t see why people are mad about it not being out yet. Wouldn’t everyone want a quality Heists update later instead of a rushed and poorly put together scrabble of a video game? Personally I would love to see more smaller updates before we get “The big one.” Am I right? I mean all of these smaller updates are keeping us occupied until we get Heists so just try to enjoy it and be patient.

    • yo mama


    • yo daddy

      Rockstar said they would release heists MONTHS ago. People have been waiting a long just for heists, and the more small updates they get, the madder they get. Although i do enjoy the small updates, I am still anxious for the heist update.

    • herpes

      if they release a military update bringing all the mysterious military vehicles such as the hydra and hunter then im happy