Final Fantasy 14 down today for 2.3 patch update

Final Fantasy 14 players should be braced for some massive changes soon. If you are wondering why Final Fantasy 14 is down today, it is to make way for the Final Fantasy 14 2.3 patch release which Square-Enix are finally ready to deliver.

If you have been playing the game daily, you’ll know that Square-Enix has been working on the Final Fantasy 14 Defenders of Eorzea update, otherwise known as patch 2.3.

It’s a massive update bringing many changes to the game and as a result it means that Square-Enix has to shut down the servers in order to prepare fully for the update and ensure that all is well before restarting them on the new patch.

Final Fantasy 14 may be down for you now as maintenance started at 8pm Pacific Time. It will last eight hours, meaning that the Final Fantasy 14 patch 2.3 release time should be live at around 4am Pacific Time, 7am Eastern Time and early morning for those playing in Europe.

Fortunately, you can now read through the full Final Fantasy 14 2.3 patch notes here while the game is offline. Square-Enix has made vast changes, including adding over 15 new quests for players to explore – one of which is the Guardian of Eorzea quest.

Let us know if your game is down today and what platform you are playing on. Are you excited about the 2.3 update which should be live in around 6 hours time?



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