FIFA 14 PSN problems, login not working

- Jul 8, 2014

It looks like a number of PS4 and PS3 users are getting logged out of FIFA 14 straight after signing in, although it is not clear what the problems are today. We’ve received a few emails and seen a number of comments on Facebook, which are due to FIFA 14 PSN problems after the login is not working.

The PlayStation Network isn’t down today, although there’s some issues related to either PSN or FIFA 14 at the time of writing. One Product Reviews reader said, “I just signed in to PSN while in FIFA 14, then I got logged out again”. Another added, “I’m still having issues with logging into FIFA 14. Not sure what the problem is”.

We’ve also seen some people go to the extreme of resetting their passwords after not being able to login, and this will be very annoying for them if the issue was not related to forgetting a password. “I’ve tried resetting my password as recommended, but this didn’t work in North America”, said one PS3 owner.

Are you having PSN sign in problems or with FIFA 14 today? If so, what location and country are you in? We’ve reached out to EA Sports support on Twitter for comment and will update our readers if we get a response.

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  • Peelos

    Newcastle, uk. No FIFA for 3 days due to this problem. Cannot access account to reset password so tried through psn website. Link to reset page says page not available so can’t reset password at all. Will be going Xbox next time!!