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Canon 7D Mark II embargo ends before Photokina 2014

While we have no clue as to the Canon 7D Mark II release date, there is certainly a lot of information in regard to its unveil, although the dates do seem to vary a bit. It was only last month when there were rumors that the Canon EOS 7D successor could be unveiled in August, but this is looking less likely.

If what we have learned is true, then there is currently an embargo on the upcoming Canon DSLR, which is not due to end until September 5th. If true, then we could see the 7D MKII revealed just over a week before Photokina 2014.

However, like last month, we find this hard to believe because one would assume Canon would use Photokina as the perfect platform to launch its latest camera, but you never know.

We say this because Canon could reveal the 7D sequel at its own event, or even an online one through a dedicated webpage and YouTube video channel, as we have seen other camera makers do in the past.

Rumored Canon 7D Mark II – We have already looked at some of these a while back, and so things could have changed since then. Based on latest reports we can expect this upcoming DSLR to sport a 2—megapixel sensor, 100-12,800 ISO range, 1/8000 shutter speed, 8FPS shooting and a 3-inch LCD display.

When do you think the Canon 7D Mark II will be unveiled, what features would you like to see, and will Canon give this DSLR a different name?



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