2015 Smart Fortwo and Forfour interior MIA

Smart has recently shared something very special for us all to see, and that is how they evolved the design of the Smart Fortwo and Forfour vehicles into what will be unveiled in October. The video looks at the design process of the exterior, although the interior is one focus of concern you and I would love to see, but that is MIA from the video.

The 2015 Smart Fortwo and Forfour are designed for city use and will get their public debut in October during the Paris Motor Show. The video gives us an insight into how the design of the various Smart cars helped in the final exterior design of these two upcoming models.

There isn’t that much to go on, be we can tell that the funky car maker will deliver something in line with today’s taste. We do get to see one little gem though, and that is how the video gives us a closer look into the 10cm wider shaper of the Fortwo.

I have never driven a Smart Fortwo, but can appreciate the excitement that surrounds it, especially as I now have a Smart eBike to review over this next week.

One thing is clear when talking to a few people who have owned one of these vehicles in the past; they hope to see Brabus work its magic on the forfour and give it more power and improve the handling.

Ok, this is jumping the gun a little, and so we should just wait and see just what Smart has to offer in a 3 months time.



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