Xbox One July update release time soon

We have some fantastic news for Xbox One owners as it looks like Microsoft are almost ready with regards to the highly anticipated Xbox One July update release time. We know that a new update is coming with new features, but now Major Nelson has said that it should arrive within the next few days.

It means by the end of the week, all Xbox One owners will be running on a new firmware for July. Confirmed features that we know about so far include an enhanced Snap mode for achievements.

You’ll now be able to track achievements in real time, but the standout feature is the ability to search for help on achievements direct on your Xbox One. Using this feature will bring up YouTube search results for the achievement in question and help you to gain the achievement a lot faster than previous methods.

You can see a preview of this feature in the video below. Major Nelson has now said that the update will be landing in the coming days, so take this as an assumption that it will be out by the end of the week.

Hopefully there will be some other big features to enjoy which will be revealed as the week progresses. Are you happy with your Xbox One experience at the moment, compared to the experience on PS4?

Let us know your thoughts on the Snap improvements and what other features you need to see on your console as a priority this year.

Do you have the update yet?



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