PS4 share to Google+ not Facebook

We all know that the PS4 is missing some features such as DLNA. For a system that is meant to have a big emphasis on social interaction though, we are still surprised to see Sony not offering a YouTube app on PS4 or the option to share content directly to Google+.

PS4 Share to Google+ is a big one for us as we argue that Google+ is now being favoured over Facebook by many users. Sony needs to take this into consideration and at least give the option of allowing their users to share content rather than just restrict the PS4 share button to Twitter or Facebook.

Sending video clips and screenshots directly to Google+ business pages could be great too, not to mention the usefulness of having users be able to send pictures instantly to Google+ communities.

Imagine if a major bug is spotted in a game that needs immediate attention. PS4 users would be able to simply take a screenshot and then share it directly to the official PlayStation community on Google+ where over 70,000 gamers are ready to offer their support.

It would be a wonderful tool to have on the PS4 and we’re very surprised that Sony hasn’t offered it yet. Google+ communities seem a lot more popular than Facebook groups to us and Google+ numbers and activity is growing by the day.

We know that there are still some Facebook lovers out there who don’t have Google accounts yet, but shouldn’t the option at least be there for those that have switched to Google+?

If you are a PS4 user reading this and use Google+ now instead of Facebook, let us know if you would love to see a PS4 share to Google Plus feature this year. Make your voices heard to Sony below.



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