Mighty No 9 gameplay update for PS4

We have something nice for those of you who placed a donation for Mighty No 9 last year. The game is still in development, but we now have a new Mighty No 9 gameplay update to bring you now, showing the latest build of the Mega Man-esque title.

This is the game that managed to become one of the best Kickstarter projects in history, smashing its required total in just two days after creation.

More importantly, Mighty No 9 is being spearheaded by Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune, which means that fans are placing massive expectation on this game.

This has become evident with the sheer confidence that gamers have had in being under no hesitation in dropping their money on the game without seeing a final build.

Now though, we can bring you an update on what the game is looking like. We see the title character Beck showing off his dash abilities and some classic platform action as he makes his way through one of the levels.

While we think the game is looking good at this early stage, there has also been some criticism over on YouTube from some who say that it is ‘too linear’. However, it’s important to remind ourselves that this is work in progress footage that we are looking here, so obviously improvements are coming.

Did you donate to this game during the initial funding period? If so, check out the gameplay below and let us know what you think of Mighty No 9 in its latest state.



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