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Galaxy Note 4 case with questionable smart features

Oh no, blurry cam is back and this time it has been shooting a rumored Galaxy Note 4 case. Time and again we have to question the validity of such photos because there is just no need for them seeing as though most smartphones now have a very capable camera built-in.

Even though there is still a few months before Samsung unveil and release the Galaxy Note 4, a new image has appeared that shows what we are to believe is a new smart case for the phablet. However, we still have to question if this is the real deal.

One reason for this skepticism is the excuse as to why the image is blurry, as the person who took it said he had just seconds to take the image in case he got caught. Having just tried to take a few shots quick with our iPhone, there is a chance of blurred photos when having to move fast, but they are in no way as grainy as the image you can see here.

We did not feel comfortable putting such an image on Product-reviews, and so we have directed you to the source. Maybe we should not discount it fully just yet, as we have seen terrible photos before, and they ended up being spot on.

If this is true, then we could expect the Galaxy Note 4 smart cover to offer limited functions while closed, allowing you to screen calls, texts and emails. However, this goes against another product that Samsung is pushing, the Gear 2 and Live.

Both of these products have been introduced to complement Samsung smartphones, although they are not as cheap as the smart cover.



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