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Clash of Clans Valkyrie jump strategy after patch

We told you about the PEKKA level 5 being one of the new additions to Clash of Clans with the July update. Now that the Clash of Clans update notes are out though, we can also see that Supercell has made a notable tweak to the Valkyrie character as well.

If you previously didn’t use her in your team you may want to give her a second chance. Supercell has now given her Battle Axe skill some tweaking, ensuring that it’s now a lot more useful than before.

Also new is a change to the Jump spell. Supercell has now altered the move so that it influences all troops in battle, not just those hit by the spell. Troops are now also clever enough to detect whether they have an advantage or not when deciding to jump walls that are affected.

We have a great video to show you showcasing these two key changes in the game. You’ll see both in action in a live attack thanks to YouTuber Clash of Clans attacks.

For the more hardcore players out there, we also point you in the direction of a new Clash of Clans Valkyrie attack strategy, which has been set up after the patch by user BillyBobJo.

The strategy is the Clash of Clans GoWav attack which some of you may find helpful. Let us know your experiences with the game so far after the latest update and feel free to share your own attack strategies below if you have them.



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