BF4 Dragon’s Teeth weapons review

Battlefield 4 players are patiently waiting for EA to unleash the BF4 Dragon’s Teeth DLC expansion once and for all. All of the new maps and content are ready, but it seems that EA is holding off for the time being.

We can see that all of the new weapons have been available for PC users to try on the Battlefield 4 CTE, which is why we can now bring you an early Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth review of the weapons.

This expansion is significant in the fact that it will finally grant players access to the Desert Eagle handgun. This powerful beast will be worth the wait as you’ll be able to take players out with just a few shots depending on where you hit them.

We have a series of video reviews to you show you, courtesy of YouTube Westie, who is lucky enough to be a participant of the Battlefield CTE – meaning that he can test the new Dragon’s Teeth weapons early.

In his opinion, the new CS5 McMillan Sniper is the best out of the five, as you’ll see that it is really useful at close range as well for those that love semi-scoping or quick-scoping kills.

The CS5 McMillan sniper!
The CS5 McMillan sniper!

In other videos, you’ll see video reviews for the Bulldog assault rifle and the MPX sub-machine weapons that are also coming in the expansion. Unfortunately, there is no video for the Unica-6 pistol yet, but we’re guessing that this is on the way.

There’s also another prediction that Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth will release on either July 8 or July 15 once EA has wrapped up the Battlefield Hardline beta with Visceral Games.

Make sure you check out the CS5 and Deagle reviews as these are the key weapons for us in Dragon’s Teeth. Which one are you most looking forward to using? Let’s hope that EA will release the content soon.



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