Sunset Overdrive first cutscene on Xbox One

We have a treat for Xbox One owners now, as it looks like Insomniac Games are now happy to release intimate gameplay videos of Sunset Overdrive. The game is due out later this year, but we already have the opening cutscene from the exclusive title for you to check out.

You won’t be able to get your hands on the exciting game until the end of October, but Insomniac Games has shown off Sunset Overdrive in a new preview during RTX 2014.

The event in Texas was staged over the weekend and it gave attendees the chance to see brand new Sunset Overdrive gameplay that previously hadn’t been seen before.

Now, we can bring that to you with a look at the complete opening cinematic to the game. During the scene, you’ll see the moment when a FizzCo employee witnesses the effects of humans drinking too much of an energy drink, transforming into monsters as a result.

The employee then makes a fast getaway and it leads into the adventure that players will have as they take to rooftop buildings and any means necessary to escape the mutated population.

It looks fantastic and we love the art style that has been used. We’re not sure how long this video will stay up but watch it before it’s removed and let us know what you think.

Are you definitely buying Sunset Overdrive on day one now after watching the opening cinematic?



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