LoL Doom Bots of Doom list

Those of you who play League of Legends have some exciting updates to look forward to. A new LoL patch is live on the PBE and it has brought the arrival of LoL Doom Bots of Doom, which is getting players very excited at the moment.

The PBE or Public Beta Environment is the perfect place to test out some new features for the game and Riot has released some massive additions with the Doom Bots.

It’s not related to Marvel before any of you ask, but bots that have been purposely overpowered with high stats increases to make it very challenging for those trying to take them on.

At the moment, there appears to be five new Doom Bots of Doom in the new mode so far – these being Nocturne, Blitzcrank, Annie, Zyra and Akali. Here is what Riot has said about the upcoming feature and also some initial reaction from fans on Twitter:

“There are three different levels (of doom) for you to challenge. When facing 2 & 5 bomb difficulties, the bots have additional ‘Bonus Doom’ buffs, inspired by the doomed abilities of other champions”:

There are thought to be 15 Doom Bots in total, so let us know which others you have identified and let’s get the hunt going. We’ve added some gameplay for you to check out the carnage below.

Remember that this feature is on PBE only so it isn’t in the public release just yet. Let us know what you think of this new update.



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