GTA V Lottery DLC for free money

By Alan Ng - Jul 6, 2014

It looks like Rockstar are planning to keep GTA V Online player participation numbers as high as possible. We are still waiting for the GTA V Heists release, but GTA V news has come in suggesting that Rockstar are planning to drop some GTA V lottery DLC into the game.

As most of you know, some items in GTA V are very expensive and money can be hard to come by if you are an honest player and stay away from all of the glitches and hacks.

Now, after tweaking missions back and forth, it looks like Rockstar may be planning to add another way to make some money in the game, whilst offering something very exciting for fans as well.

On top of the Casino which is on the way, GTA V lottery is thought to be coming as well. Images from the source code have appeared online, containing information such as ‘GTA V lottery tickets’ and ‘stored lottery week’.

You can see evidence of this here – we saw similar information prior to the release of the Independence Day goodies, so this is likely to be legit details that you are seeing – watch the video below for even more details.

We would also assume that this lottery update could release at the same time as the Casino, with Rockstar theming their update around gambling. It would be exciting if players could buy GTA V lottery tickets, pick their own numbers then anxiously wait until the draw is made to see if they get rich.

It could be a great way to get the community closer together and a fun way to introduce another way to make money in the game. It’s not official yet, but look out for this in a future update.

What is your reaction to this? Does the idea of buying lottery tickets sound fun to you?

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  • Airsoftelite

    The independence leak was inaccurate to say the least. It stated that we would be able to purchase military vehicals and fly an apache type helicopter. Instead we get some sickening patriotic cloths and a monster truck and bike. So therefor I no long believe any of these so called dlc leaks. Rant over.

    • Ss Gramar


      • Airsoftelite

        Thank you 🙂

  • Secret

    Don’t wanna brag but I have 300 Million. and nothing to buy I own everything The two most expensive garages, 20 Fully Upgraded cars, all weapons unlocked and purchased.. the tank and the buzzard and other pegsus vehicles such as the new Monster truck that I wished you could customize and store in your garage. :'(
    I’ve been doing money glitches since the game came out… Only because it takes to long to make money in the game.. Haters will hate, I’m not the reason why heists are delayed. :’)

    I appreciate the free DLC and Money R*

    • Trevor Phillips

      So…it takes too long to make money, but not to long to constantly glitch for it, and to continue glitching wayyyy past the point where you need any more money? Makes tons of sense.

  • skyro

    Wish the cash cards cost much less

  • Jas

    I think it’s a great idea. Am a honest player, trying to make make money, it can be be done if u constantly play rooftop rumble, whitch gets a bit boring after 90 times or so. But after 3 days and more than 16 of hours game play he ho I got my zentorno. Next up rooftop rumble for my bullet proof tires.

    • Jahzeel Gutierrez

      Yeah I agree

    • Micheal De Raemaeker

      RR has become way too much of a hassle to grind efficiently, before they tweaked the f*ck out of it, I could clear out the garage in two/three well placed grenade/rpg shots from the hedges beside the front entrance and minimal assault rifle usage before grabbing the suitcase and taking off

      now, they nerf guns, health, armour, give enemies badass guns, throw half the USMC in the garage and throw you a pea shooter to take them out with (not to mention the recent tank update, where it only takes a few shots to the engine or a couple explosives to destroy it, which defeats the whole purpose of the rhino, which doesn’t help)

      Rockstar doesn’t want people hacking, modding or glitching their way through the game. (here’s an idea, give people a way to efficiently grind through missions to make a PROFIT so they will be less likely to exploit bugs – key words being LESS likely.)