Battlefield 4 July 4 Easter Egg for Premiums only

How did you celebrate the July 4 2014 festivities? Many game developers have been putting their own Independence Day spin into their respective games and after Rockstar gave gamers a great update with GTA V, we can see that DICE is in on the act too.

There is a Battlefield 4 Easter Egg for Independence Day, but only if you are a Premium member on PC. We have a video to show you, which reveals that DICE has updated the Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment or CTE.

It reveals an Independence Day dinner banquet set up by the harbor, along with some really cool firework launchers which you can send into the sky for an instant and colorful display.

Unfortunately though, console owners won’t be able to enjoy this. Firstly the BF4 CTE is only available on PC and it is also exclusive to Premium members as well.

Check it out below and let us know what you think of it – something nice for PC owners, but a little harsh with the player divide perhaps?



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