Samsung Super AMOLED display Vs Apple quality

By Alan Ng - Jul 4, 2014

Samsung has always boasted on having superior display quality compared to their rivals, but do you believe that their quality is higher than what Apple offers with their iPhone and iPad products?

The Korean company has released a new Ad, showing off the brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab S with special emphasis on the 8.4-inch and 10.5-inch models that come with a stunning Super AMOLED display.

In the video, we see Samsung compare their new tablet against an unnamed competitor, showing the differences in quality which suggests that you don’t want to buy any other tablet if you are looking for the best display quality.

From what we see in the video, Samsung do a good job of convincing you on how good their AMOLED technology is. Then again, it is marketing after all and consumers may have their own opinions on which screen quality they prefer.

Samsung asks you the question: Which one looks more majestic – their Samsung Galaxy Tab S or a rival product? Watch the Ad below and let us know if Samsung has convinced you that they are currently on top of the display screen space.

Any of you believe that Apple’s displays are actually better than Samsung’s Super AMOLED deep down?

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