Kim Kardashian app free K stars missing

By Alan Ng - Jul 4, 2014

Those of you who love Hollywood gossip may have already given into to temptation and downloaded the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood app game. However, we have already seen some problems with the app, with many users complaining that they are not receiving free stars for the Kim Kardashian game.

This game is another resource grinder, or in simple terms free to download but with plenty of reasons to spend real cash to progress quicker. It’s the standard format for many apps today, but we can see that this one in particular is attempting to offer free goodies in exchange for some manual labor.

This manual labor requires players to download other apps and offers, with the reward being free K stars for the Kim Kardashian app. The big problem here though, is that it looks like these offers are not rewarding stars at all.

You can imagine how frustrating and time consuming this can be, only to be given no reward for it at the end after painstakingly following steps all for some extra stars.


Here is what some users have been saying in relation to this problem:

“Free Stars? That’s a lie. I’ve downloaded many apps, signed up for useless stuff to receive free stars. I only received the stars for one app, 10 stars to be exact. Where are my 300 stars from all the other apps? Don’t tell us wr can get free stars & not follow through.”

That is just one example of hundreds of similar complaints that we have read through. We all know that the creators of this app are making a fair dime from downloads but they need to fix this free offer feature if they want to avoid a severe backlash.

Have you installed this app and have experienced similar problems? Let us know if you are also missing free K stars after installing countless offers with no reward.

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  • Love

    I downloaded the Zoosk app and joined and never received my 70 Kstars!

  • Lateisha Ms-Harris Hicks

    I am very upset about the promises of stars and money to do these lame surveys and not Receiving our rewards for it I am thinking to just uninstall this game off my phone it’s a waste of my time!!!!

  • Lateisha Ms-Harris Hicks

    Yes I am missing money and stars it makes me upset that I am not receiving what I was promised its a waste of time and makes me don’t even want the game on my phone

  • me121

    Curious to know if I was the only one experiencing this issue. Tired of selling my soul countless times only to receive nothing in the end!!!

  • raegan turner

    I did not get stars either!!!!!!!! -raeganturner

    i need my stars lol

  • Angel

    Also, some of the ads promise the K stars, after watching the videos I got 107 cash instead!! WTF??!!

  • Michelle

    I am not receiving stars for games I’ve played or surveys I’ve taken. What’s the point of offering it if I’m not going to receive the free stars?!?!

  • Kevin McCarty

    I use a hack for Kim Kardashian Hollywood that gave unlimited cash and stars. Here it is: g4mehacks .com/kim-kardashian-hollywood-hack/

  • SueAnn

    I have been having this same problem. Sometimes the offers won’t load at all. Sometimes the GAME doesn’t even load, addicting but VERY frustrating and waste of time

  • Jelly

    On my phone, every time I open the app it says it can’t connect. Except this time even after refreshing the app and pressing the ‘try again’ button and checking my internet connection nothing seems to work. I can’t get into the app at all

    • BlazeX2442

      It has been giving me that error for a few hours now. Glad I am not the only one and it is not just my phn. No clue what is wrong with the app though.

  • BOB


  • Luke Arthur

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  • Luna Christina

    YES!! And it’s halted any game progress I could make. Cus lets face it, there’s absolutely no reason anyone should pay real money for a game like this. But it’s becoming quite boring not being able to do anything or really pay it, & frustrating putting all this cheap crap on my phone for nothing.

  • Really Pissed

    I have also not received any free stars. I downloaded the walgreens app and started it, which promised me 13 free K stars. It says that the action was successful yet I still not have gotten my stars!