GTA V Online 4th of July event playlist

If you are visiting Grand Theft Auto Online on the 4th of July, then you’ll want to take advantage of the GTA V Independence Day weekend event with a dedicated playlist offering X2 RP and also double money. The bonuses are offered when you play new jobs during the event that continues today, July 4th, and ends this Sunday.

There’s plenty more extras to be found while playing GTA Online during the Independence Day event weekend that include 25 percent off RPGs, mini guns, and grenades plus 75 percent off Airstrikes all weekend.

You will even find free PEGASUS deliveries, which will make it easier to access the Liberator Monster Truck. For this weekend only, Pegasus Lifestyle Management is offering players the opportunity to call in oversized vehicles at no cost.


How has your GTA V Online 4th of July event been going, or are you planning on starting this weekend?

If you missed the Independence Day Event live stream yesterday, we’ve included the 1 hour and 37 minute video below.



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