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Office for Android tablets release update

Those of you who have been looking for a native tablet version of Office for Android can breath a sigh of relief this week. Microsoft hasn’t forgotten about you and we now have an update on a new version of Office for Android that is coming especially for tablets.

Office for iPad has proved a massive success and now it looks like Microsoft want to cash in on the other side of the pond too with the Android community. The likes of Word and Excel are simply indispensable for some and now you’ll soon be able to use a tablet optimised version.

This will be different to the current Office Suite for Android and Microsoft says that Office for Android tablets will be available to buy before the end of the year.

However, those who really want to use the software as soon as possible have the option of signing up for Microsoft’s pre-release program to be in with a chance of privately testing before everyone else.

If you’re interested, you can sign up for this on Microsoft’s website here. Aside from Word and Excel, Powerpoint will also be offered in the pre-release program which is another essential app that tablet owners on Android would find very useful indeed.

Better late than never, but is this something which you would be interested in buying? Let us know if you have a desire to use official Office on your Android tablet.



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