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No Samsung Plasma TV lineup for 2015

If we were to go back a few years Plasma TVs were all the rage because they were pretty much the first big panel Televisions, but over the years they have waned in popularity. It’s for this reason why Samsung has decided to make this the last year to produce the Plasma TV.

This means there will be no Samsung Plasma TV lineup for 2015, which will come as bad news for the small percentage of people who still prefer this technology over LED. We would like to say one thing, it’s not like it is a surprise.

Panasonic has already shut down its PDP program, and with other consumer electronics makers reporting that Plasma TV sales were down and worse, profits had fallen, it seemed like the only choice.

However, the future is still bright because we know technology in this area is moving at a fast rate. 4K is the next big thing, we just need more consumer electronics manufactures to get behind it and give the technology a big push.

Once more consumers start to buy 4K TVs only then will we see prices start to fall, as they are inflated at the moment. This is nothing new because the same thing happened to 3D TVs when they were first released, not look how cheap you can buy them.

Are you upset that there will be no new Plasma TVs from Samsung after this year?

Thanks to Reuters.



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