GTA V Hydraulics, Lowrider release likely

Rockstar may be keeping fans waiting with the never-ending release saga for GTA V Online Heists, but we have spotted that there may be another massive feature on the way to the game.

Car lovers may have their gold paint job at last, but there is one feature that is missing that Rockstar hasn’t introduced yet, GTA V Hydraulics with the Lowrider.

We have seen source code to suggest that it is coming though, with the leaker who provided the information saying that it is 100% on the way in a future release. Since this new source code is already live, it may even be coming with GTA V 1.16 before Heists.

You can see confirmation of the code in the video below, provided by YouTuber Brice Lazygamer. If you study the code, you’ll see that there are clearly fields labelled ‘Hydraulica’ and ‘Nitrous’.

We can also see that players may have the option of choosing different colours for smoke coming out of tyres, as well as a toggle to switch car subwoofer on and off as well.

Obviously, this isn’t a confirmation yet as Rockstar hasn’t mentioned it but it does look very promising indeed. Is this what you have been waiting to see in GTA V Online from Los Santos Customs?

Give us your reaction to GTA V Hydraulics below.



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