FiDELYS smartwatch like Moto 360, but includes iris recognition

Remember when we told you yesterday that there seems to be an insatiable need from companies to release a smartwatch, well there is another to add to the list and is to soon appear on Indiegogo. It was meant to go live on the crowdsource website yesterday, but we are still waiting and will update you once it goes live.

The FiDELYS smartwatch is very different to other devices of its kind, even if it does look similar to the Moto 360, as it does not come with a touchscreen. So how do you control the device we hear you ask?

You will control the watch by using the bezel, but its party piece is the use of iris recognition technology. Using this makes perfect sense for such a device because you do not need to keep entering a password every time you wish to look at your watch.

The idea of a smartwatch is for ease of use and speed because you do not need to reach for your smartphone in order to see who is calling, or who has sent you a text. Having to put in a password will just slow the whole process down.

Below is a promo video of this technology in action and how it has been implemented into the FiDELYS device. This is the most realistic smartwatch we have seen yet, what we mean by this is that it looks so much like a standard watch.

Only time will tell if this proves popular or not, but do you think the $250 price is too much? Having said that, if you back this project on Indiegogo, then you only pay $200. We personally believe this to be of great value, so let us hope the company gets all the funding needed, although we currently have no idea how much they plan to raise.



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