COD Ghosts Invasion PS4, PS3 release time

By Alan Ng - Jul 3, 2014

Attention all PS4, PS3 and PC owners now, as we are just moments away from the official COD Ghosts Invasion release time. It has been a long month waiting after Xbox users had the content first but within the next few hours you will finally get to play it yourself.

For those that are not aware, Invasion has been billed as the best DLC pack to release for COD Ghosts so far. It not only features the Death Mariachi field order, but it also features the remake of one of our favourites – Favela.

Favela was a map that debuted with Modern Warfare 2 and it was arguably the best map and most popular among fans. Now, Infinity Ward has finally listened to the community and are bringing it to Ghosts with a full remake.

COD Ghosts Invasion will cost $14.99 for those that don’t have the Season Pass. We’re guessing this applies to many of you as it’s not really fun paying for a premium package but still having to wait until a month later – that’s not VIP treatment is it?

As far as we can see, Invasion is not live yet on the PSN store. For those asking what time Invasion comes out – we have seen in the past that updates will go live around 2am Pacific, but we all know that this can vary sometimes.

Let us know if you are currently refreshing the store, waiting for the content to land. You’ll probably have to search inside the COD Ghosts portal on the PSN store to see the content appear first, before it lands on the store homepage.

Is it live for you yet in your area?

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  • fabeloco1

    Got it in vegas.

  • ??

    R u being serious? cant trust you with the name tricks lol

  • Tricks

    It’s live right now, just use the store inside the game, not the Playstation Store.

  • EST

    Nope. Probably not until 5am

  • Curious

    still nothing? EST

  • Waiting…


  • HighNoonOver

    Just started downloading. San Diego, CA

  • xxTbro239xx

    hasnt dropped yet, 3:40 A.M. EST