Clash of Clans July update release time

By Alan Ng - Jul 3, 2014

It is that time again for Clash of Clans players now, as we can confirm that the highly anticipated Clash of Clans July update is about to release today. We already told you that one of the main updates will be the arrival of PEKKA level 5, but what else will be coming in the update?

Supercell has done a great job of regularly updating the game since launch and it’s also worth mentioning that they always keep players in the loop of what is happening on Twitter.

More often than not, players are usually waiting around for big updates without any acknowledgement from the developer. However, Supercell has other ideas and they always send out a Tweet whenever a new update is landing on that day.

That is exactly what they have done for the July update, as the Tweet below confirms that it will be coming sometime today. As far as we can see, the update is not live yet but keep checking your game as it could go live at any moment.

It also looks like the Supercell forums are down as well, which we’re guessing is due to excited fans trying to check the Clash of Clans July update notes all at once.

As we all wait for the update to land, let us know if you are installing the new build yet – or if you are still waiting in your area. What else are you hoping to see aside from the PEKKA level 5 update?

We love update days, so let us know the minute you see it go live to help other players.

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  • suKs

    I can’t update

  • Robtsc2000

    WHY can’t there be an apk update. I’m not starting over again each time I have to update. Can’t even play just ask for update. Think of all the kindle players out there

  • BlackLycan

    I^ not Ali i hate the autocorrect

  • BlackLycan

    Please help. Ali cannot access COC on my Kindle Fire HDX!!

  • kindle user/ google play lover

    Yes I had a all for kindle fire and had to start over and just as I got up there in the ranks BOOM! Update. Now I can’t play

  • Stéphane Plaissy

    As googe don’t want us to play, p,ease give the link for the apk as soon as possible 🙂
    clash of clan

  • riley.a

    Damage… I can’t play it anymore, I have a kindle fire and have to side load it. Well can’t find the new update anywhere, it was fun while it lasted.

  • Brendon

    Just started Clashers. Hours away from the new update now.