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Windows 9 UI debate on modern Metro Vs desktop

Are you looking forward to the release of Windows 9? Many consumers are still not used to the Metro UI that Microsoft introduced with Windows 8 on desktop and tablets, with a debate now brewing on whether Microsoft plans to keep this style of UI for Windows 9.

We have a long way to go until the launch of the next software of course, with reports suggesting that Microsoft will only be ready to release Windows 9 from April 2015 onwards.

The talk on the Windows 9 UI is heating up though, as it seems that many consumers would prefer a return to the traditional desktop UI – both for Windows 9 on computers and on all of Microsoft’s Windows 9 tablets.

However, getting a desktop UI on smaller screen isn’t an easy task. Whispers are emerging, suggesting that Microsoft may remove the desktop UI that you see from tablets such as the Surface Pro, in favour of using a modern UI.

One example of a modern concept
One example of a modern concept

This move may only happen on smaller screens such as 8 or 9 inches however, which makes sense from Microsoft’s point of view to keep UI looking as sharp as possible – without clutter which a traditional desktop UI would bring.

A 10-inch tablet and above could still have the space to support a full traditional desktop UI, so we may see moves to make both sets of consumers happy.

Have you already started to think about the Windows 9 UI? Let us know what you would like Microsoft to do in terms of desktop and tablet. Would you like a drastic overhaul, or for Microsoft to keep the same Metro style UI from Windows 8 and simply transfer it over with minor changes?



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