Titanfall Hemlock analysis after update 4

It is a good time to head back into Titanfall on Xbox One or PC, as there has been a massive update to the game thanks to Titanfall update 4. More importantly though it brings some major weapon rebalances and we now show you one example of this, with a significant tweak to the Hemlock gun.

You may have ignored the Hemlock in online multiplayer before, but with Titanfall update 4, Respawn has given you a new lease of life to the Hemlock. It now takes fewer bullets to take out the enemy, with all enemy pilots being killed with 4 bullets instead of 5 on the previous build.

We can also confirm that the Hemlock has less recoil as well so you should really give it another go if you are looking for a new setup online. Judging by the gameplay shown below, it looks like the Hemlock could now even be slightly overpowered with its 4-bullet burst kills.

Still though, these balance changes are always appreciated and it’s great to see Respawn adding regular support since launch. Check out the footage below and let us know your thoughts on the new Hemlock Vs old and the other weapons such as the R97 which have also been tweaked.

Has Respawn done a good job with the balance of the weapons with Titanfall update 4 or not?



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