Surface Pro 3 WiFi problems continue

By Alan Ng - Jul 2, 2014

Those consumers who thought they were very fortunate to have picked up a Surface Pro 3 on Day One, may now be wishing that they had perhaps waited for a later batch. Reports are continuing that the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has WiFi problems, leading to Microsoft themselves having to admit that there is an issue at hand.

If you have been using the device since June 20, you may have noticed issues relating to the Surface Pro 3 WiFi signal disappearing completely, with users then unable to gain a connection.

Looking into the problem specifically, it looks like this issue is occurring when the Surface Pro 3 returns from sleep mode, or Surface Pro 3 Instant Go as it is known by its official tag from Microsoft.

It is anything but instant go it seems though, as users are having to restart their tablets in order to fix the problem, which is obviously very annoying when you put your device on sleep mode and wake it up to find that it can’t go online.


Microsoft has already acknowledged this and have released the following statement via a member of their support staff:

“Thanks for sharing your experiences. If I understand correctly, after your devices sleep for any amount of time the network and possibly the Bluetooth devices no longer appear in Device Manager and this results in no network connectivity, etc. Your feedback, including suggested workarounds (successful or otherwise) has been shared. We are working to address this and will have an update available soon.”

This looks to be a software problem that can be quickly fixed with a new update. Hopefully Microsoft will be able to fix this with a hot fix behind the scenes, but so far we haven’t heard anything yet.

If you have been having WiFi problems on your Surface Pro 3, get in touch below with is happening on your device. Have you been able to find a better fix other than restarting the device?

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  • gary brooks

    The sp3 is useless save your money and buy something elsewhere have not had nothing but issues since I had it a piece of junk do not recommend buy one

  • rb

    Didn’t have an issue until about 2 updates ago – now can hardly get back onto the connection unless I reboot the router – fix this quickly MS as my love for my surface is waning fast ….

  • ChrisPy

    I’ve had my SP3 for a few days now and have been losing Internet connectivity during sleep sessions. It’s happened both at work and home (multiple access points). I’ve already applied all the updates including the firmware update via Windows Update.
    Although the network dialog shows connected, it indicates “Limited” which means no Internet access. I have determined that if I disconnect and reconnect, it does seem to fix the problem (at least I don’t have to reboot). Hopefully they find and fix the issue soon.

  • Boris

    I just bought myself a surface3 and have massive problems with Wireless connection. My Dlink Wireless is not recognised at all on 2.4 Ghz, the ASUS 5 Ghz is recognised but will not get an IP address by DHCP. I have applied all updates and restarted a million times. So yes very frustrating and not fit for purpose unfortunately until they have resolved the issue

  • Gutzel

    My Surface Pro 3 will not connect to WiFi after I turn it on, from the shut-off position. I have to click the “Fix” button and after a few seconds it will connect to the Internet. That was not an issue on my original Surface Pro. Initially, I though that it was a router problem, but now I know it’s not. MS better gets a fix soon. This is kind of frustrating to deal with.

  • meadowsdad

    WiFi is problematic as described below, power issues where the computer drains, Hope MS fixes soon

  • Gregory McGonagle

    my Surface Pro3 shows weak WiFi signal and drops the connection if I’m too far away from Router, but so does my Samsung Tab. So I added a Wifi signal boaster for $49.00 and no more problems.

  • Julio

    I have just one week with my surface pro 3 and has experimenting similar issues with the Wi fi
    When I try to move to another webpage or another application with internet, the Wi fi fail. It’s very frustrating. Today’s I’ll return me surface.

    • _KevinWheeler

      Don’t return your SP3. They will fix this very soon and you will be very sorry. 😊

  • bluefootedbooby

    100% true. The machine is completely useless. About 1 out of 4 times, during sleep it restarts itself (ie. I try to wake it up only to see that in fact it was a restart). And, 1 out of 4 times, it does wake up, but internet (wireless) is not present. (the machine can’t even see the wireless device). And, if it ever does wake up properly, then I find that there’s a huge battery drain. Did these guys even run the very most basic of tests? How, tell me how, can MS be so bad? This is 3rd gen. product. And it’s garbage. I can’t wait return this turd.

  • jeremy

    I have not had any issues with my pro 3’s WiFi. Once, though, I put it to sleep with a pretty full battery and one day later the battery was so dead it would not start. I’m not sure what’s up with that… all in all I love this computer though!!

  • reillybri

    This happened to me yesterday one time. But today, after a night which my Surface 3 was sleeping, all seems ok.

  • _KevinWheeler

    I have not had to restart to resolve this issue. A simple disabling and enabling of the wifi works for me. From the Charms bar, select Settings and then click your wifi icon. Then turn wifi of and then back on.