Sunset Overdrive co-op gameplay looks fun

If you were not too bothered about Sunset Overdrive in the past, we have some new gameplay to show you which we think you will love. Insomniac has now showed off multiplayer, coming in the form of Sunset Overdrive online co-op, which is called Chaos Squad.

Chaos Squad is a mode that supports up to eight players on Xbox One, allowing players to complete certain objectives together and then vote collectively on the next map or mission to take on next.

You’ll be rewarded for your efforts in doing so, but one of the big features is that you can take some of these rewards back into single player mode, which is very cool.

Watch the new gameplay below and you’ll also see how seamless it is, switching from single-player to multiplayer – it reminds us of how it is done in Watch Dogs and it almost feels like a trend now with developers trying to make it as seamless as possible switching between the two.

The graphics look absolutely incredible and there’s no doubt that Sunset Overdrive is going to be one of the standout titles to own on Xbox One later this year.

Check out the new gameplay and let us know what you think. You can’t beat co-op online multiplayer, it’s what it is all about, right?



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