PS4 1.73 update for angry owners

By Alan Ng - Jul 2, 2014

How is your experience on PS4 at the moment? Sony has just delivered a new software update with the PS4 1.72 patch, but unfortunately it didn’t add any new functionality. Looking ahead at the forthcoming PS4 1.73 update, do you think there is a chance that Sony will finally come good on some of the missing PS4 features?

It almost seems bizarre that PS4 owners are at a stage where they paid $399 for their next-gen machine but can’t insert a 3D Blu-Ray into it for playback. It’s even more bizarre when you take into account that the last-gen PS3 can offer this without a second thought.

It seems like a really simple feature for Sony to provide, but for some reason it is still eluding gamers. We can already see that the wait is getting to some – just take a look at some of the rage on Twitter about the lack of 3D Blu-Ray support.

Of course, that is just one missing feature from a whole catalogue that should have been available at launch. The fact that there is no native PS4 YouTube app is also a bit disturbing, although Sony may be taking the extra time to ensure that it plays nice with ShareFactory – which would be a logical bet.

Looking elsewhere, MP3 support, DLNA, Audio CD, custom themes are all still missing. Two big features which Sony advertised before gamers paid their money – Friends taking over your PS4 games for support, putting a game in sleep mode and continuing from the moment you left it are missing too.

Sony are running out of time we feel to provide some of the more basic missing features. We don’t want to get to a stage where a year has passed since the launch of the PS4, but all of these features are still missing – that won’t look good at all.

It’s an amazing console with amazing potential, but get a move on Sony before fans such as above really take drastic measures. What missing PS4 feature are you still waiting to see after buying the console at launch?

PS4 1.73 is next – are you hopeful of receiving something good?

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  • andrew berthiaume

    And the new update does…drum roll please…NOTHING. When creating a new system, I would think that starting with the old one and using that as the foundation to improve upon would be the best way to go about things. All I want is DLNA/media server access, so I can watch TV shows that I’ve downloaded. How hard would it be to add the ps4 to my home network? The ps3 latches on with no issues. Why remove that ability? They’re just trying to squeeze a few more bucks a month out of us.

    Sony, per their “Knowledge Center (ha)”, says this:

    “Updated 07/09/2014

    The PlayStation®4 does not support DLNA or media servers, which means it is not possible to view content from another device on your console. (Updated Statement: We appreciate your feedback and are exploring possibilities.)

    There are still many ways to enjoy video and music on your PS4™. Music Unlimited is our streaming music service, that can even play music in the background while you’re gaming. Video Unlimited, Netflix, and Amazon are just a few of the ways you can watch TV and movies on your system.”

    Oh thank you for the great advice Sony. Now I can pay Sony, Amazon, Netflix, or whoever else decides to get in on this money-grab for something that I already have and that was free. Oh thank you for telling me I can watch the same movies over-and-over again or TV shows from last year. I really appreciate the knowledge you have given me Sony. I’m sure you’ve got your best people on the job, working on these improvements. Come on Sony, wasn’t the four to five hundred dollars I initially paid for the system enough for you? Now you want eight bucks per month for ps-plus, eight for Netflix, seven for Amazon, six more for Sony (just ’cause) and a partridge in a pear tree.

    At least I can still game online for fr-…never mind.

    Give me a break Sony. I mean it. Give me something. I feel you owe us all what we expected when we bought the console. Stop providing us with these “nothing” updates and deliver on what you promised. I think the update details I read today were (paraphrased) ‘Improvements on existing features.” What a joke.

  • Robin Watt

    I have been holding off buying a PS4 and ready to buy a PS3 just for the 3d BluRay player capability. Since Sony can’t seem to get their act together as yet, I may just invest in another vendor. Sony can’t seem to get their game straight. Over promised and under delivered, yet again.

  • DJ Jaybee

    Yeah just enable these features – you’ve had my money for long enough now… luckily my home cinema is a decent media server / DNLA / 3D blu-ray otherwise I’d be p’d off. Some 3D games would be nice.

  • CoVeS84

    I agree so much to this article…. Pathetic of sony… whats next we have to pay extra in network store to get youtube, dlna etc??? also when i go into network store there is one app u can get for my region 😛 wtf??? 1 app? I had a ps3 and i loved it… it was the center of my media’s in my living room… (still is) the ps4 only get hocked up once and awhile atm :/

  • Lacerz

    Wow. Someone get these guys a pacifier to suck on. Biggest crybaby article I’ve read outside of the ones about Xbox’s pathetic resolutions.

    • Greebo

      Oh boy! Crying about crybabies!

    • H Karlsson

      I agree. Sony decided to make the strongest console in history. For what? Music playback? Nope. To be an Apple TV? Nope.
      But to be a machine for gaming? YES!
      A video game console for effing sake.

      I have at least ten things in my home that can play MP3/FLAC, MKV/XVID U name it.

    • effjoo

      so then you are happy that you paid money for features that Sony chose not to actually include? does that mean that if you buy a truck to haul stuff and then find out that you cant drive the truck without having the bed completely full, you will still be happy?

  • Alex

    1.73 is not certain to be “next” as that’s not how version numbers of software works. 1.73 would be another minor stability update, 1.80 would have some new features, and 2.0 would be a major update with lots of changes.

  • xConfused

    But…but…but I thought the PS4 was for gaming only? Now people are raiging because no 3D or side video playback? %}

    • Sebastian

      We are in an advanced age. To have a device do just one thing is kind of an insult, take smartphones for example or TVs that browse the Internet… If this was Sony’s intention they should’ve adjusted the price.

  • Herve Shango

    this month sony should release some features in update 1.73 ps4 update

    • Jennnnsonn

      Sorry but if i buy a new better version of a product i expect that this product can at least the same features as the former product. Take for example PC`s, Tv`s, Cars or anything else. So why does the Ps4 only support better video in Gaming and nothing else ? The older Product (Ps3) is the better console, considered the whole package, in the moment. Anybody who says sth else is a god dammend sony fanboy !