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PowerBeats 2 Wireless sound test

Now that the PowerBeats 2 Wireless release date has passed some potential buyers want to know more, especially in relation to how much sound leaks when the earphones are being used. We’ve seen a number of hands-on reviews and the PowerBeats 2 Wireless sound test showcased in the video below does a good job at offering a quick review on sound leakage.

The test runs in different stages at varied volume levels and of course at the highest level you’ll hear sound leaking. This is as expected at 100 percent volume by some people, although others feel for the $199.95 PowerBeats 2 price they shouldn’t leak that much sound.


Beats Electronics explain their PowerBeats 2 feature a secure fit, deliver dual-driver acoustics for a very powerful sound, include IPX4 water and sweat resistance, and much more. They don’t feature anything about blocking sound leakage on the official Beats by Dre product page and while we’d expect more sound isolation at this price, we don’t think Apple’s Jony Ive could design better, how about you?

Do you think these wireless earphones leak too much sound for $200, or is this expected with all headphones at high volume?



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