Nikon D810 real life performance review

By Peter Chubb - Jul 2, 2014

Lucas Gilman is an award-winning adventure filmmaker and photographer and so demands the best in terms of what camera he uses, and so it seemed like a perfect paring to seem him with the new Nikon D810. The photographer got to put the new DSLR through its paces by capturing some fast action shots with Eric Soderquist and Joel Kowalski, the pro surfer and kayaker respectively.

The video that we have for your viewing pleasure below gives us a perfect idea of the Nikon D810 real life performance, as we get to go behind the scenes and review some of the results.

We have to say that some of those Nikon D810 sample photos are truly amazing, especially those that catch Soderquist jumping out of the water as he catches some good surf.

Nikon D810 real life performance

Gilman explains the reason for choosing Iceland as the perfect place to test the D810 is because there is every texture and color you can think of, and it is at 32 seconds that we are taken back with the amount of detail this new DSLR can capture.

You really do have to watch this video, and to see just how well the D810 compares to its predecessor, the D800, then check our previous article out. We have yet to see a full-on review of this new DLSR from Nikon, but until then why not learn about all of its features by heading over to Nikon USA.

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  • Beautiful Video !!

  • Africatracks P. Galibert

    splendid Video !

  • Ajay

    I did not understand 32 seconds. Time lapse?

  • Diana

    Thats not the D810

    • intimbuktu

      On what basis did you come to the conclusion that this isn’t what it says it is?