GTA V money made fast in online after 1.15

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 2, 2014

While some of you hunt the latest GTA V online money glitch that works after patch 1.15, others are still making a lot of money without the need of cheats or so-called glitches. There will be a GTA Online Independence Day special event taking place this weekend and if this isn’t enough for you, then take a look at the video below revealing how to make money after the latest update.

The GTA V gameplay below focuses on some one of the best missions that reward players with a lot of money. This is becoming a favored way to make cash in GTA Online after Rockstar has been banning players for cheating, and the likes of a good rooftop rumble strategy can deliver virtually unlimited money.

This strategy is best used with as many people as possible and the more people you play with, the more money you will get, and the faster your level will also increase. Watch the video for the best tips when playing these missions in a team, then leave a comment with your thoughts and online name.

We recommend you share your PSN and Xbox name in the comments below to make friends that will help everyone progress much faster.

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  • It’s way easier to glitch for money.

    • Piston

      Good lick getting into a cheaters pool!

      • Piston

        I meant luck

      • I don’t think that simple glitching for money will get you into the cheater’s pool. I’ve been glitching for money since day one. I’ve got more money than I’ll ever be able to spend in this game. I’ve also gone out of my way to blow up personal vehicles. R* doesn’t seem to care about these things. On the other hand, I suspect that if you were creating modded lobbies and doing DNS cheats, they would come down on you pretty hard if they caught you. I don’t do that stuff.

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