FIFA 14 Ultimate Team hunt for iMOTM Messi

As football fans across the world continue to enjoy the World Cup in Brazil, we can see that a hunt is on the way on FIFA 14 to secure some ultra rare FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup cards.

In particular, EA has released a new card for Lionel Messi, Argentina’s superstar who was recently awarded a new 97 rating after a Man of the Match performance in the World Cup.

As a result, this iMOTM Messi card on FIFA 14 Ultimate Team is hot property and players have been trying to find it inside gold packs for almost a week.

As far as we’re aware, nobody has managed to pick this card out live and record it on YouTube. We have seen hundreds of gameplay videos of users attempting to get this card – but from what we can see, nobody has won the card live.

Of course, you can pick this card up by paying for it in an auction, but the real fun is by trying your luck with a pack opening – although this can get really stressful as you can see below in some of the videos.

Have you managed to get Messi’s new 97 card on FIFA 14, but haven’t recorded it, or know somebody that has the card? Get in touch with us below.



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