COD Advanced Warfare photorealism is no joke

Although social media loves to bash Call of Duty these days, the upcoming effort from SledgeHammer Games should not be taken as a joke. Activision has selected the team to deliver COD Advanced Warfare this year and a new video released confirms that photorealism techniques are being used to deliver ground-breaking graphics.

Remember that COD Advanced Warfare is coming to PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms, but they are not being developed by SledgeHammer Games – they are being handled by a third-party team.

This gives Sledgehammer the extra focus that they need to deliver the best possible game for next-gen and PC owners. The glimpse of Kevin Spacey’s stunning visuals in the debut trailer is a result of using motion capture for the game and photorealistic effects to ensure that Advanced Warfare will be the best looking COD game in history.

A new behind the scenes look at Advanced Warfare gives you an exact idea just how serious Sledgehammer Games are taking the next Call of Duty title. The game is due out in November, so we should be expecting to see some solid gameplay in the next reveal.

It seems that many gamers are still hurt over the fact that Black Ops 3 from Treyarch is still not out, but the more we see Advanced Warfare, the more we feel that it deserves a chance to shine.

Could Sledgehammer actually go on to deliver a game which is better than what Infinity Ward and Treyarch could offer? Watch this new footage and let us know your expectations of the game.

Have you been pleasantly surprised with what you have seen so far from COD Advanced Warfare?



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