H1Z1 PS4 hope after new gameplay

Those of you who are looking forward to the promising open-world zombie game with H1Z1 on PS4, have reason to be excited this week. The game published by Sony is heading to PC first, but could then give PS4 owners the zombie game that they have been waiting to play for a long time.

Thanks to E3 2014, we can now bring you a fresh look at the game since we last saw it and there has been some big improvements. Sony Online Entertainment has released an 11 minute gameplay walkthrough of H1Z1 running on the PC, complete with some developer commentary.

The most interesting aspect of this gameplay footage is the fact that we learn that H1Z1 has a very deep crafting system. Keep watching and you’ll see game designer Jimmy Whisenhunt make a wooden bow and some arrows after continuous crafting from chopping wood from a tree.

It’s still early days but it is looking very promising. Don’t forget that PC owners will have the opportunity to play the game first thanks to Steam’s early access program. After that though, H1Z1 should arrive on PS4 before the end of the year.

Does this look like the sort of game that you would love to play? It will be free to play, but supported with micro-transactions, so let us know if you are willing to part with cash for some items.



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