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Guacamelee PS4 review after 9/10 on PS3

As we told you last week, Microsoft will be offering Guacamelee for free on Xbox One as part of the July Games with Gold update. The game is also on the way to PS4 though and we have a quick review for you to check out before you head out and buy.

The game is set to release on Tuesday and naturally many PS4 owners want to know if it is worth their time and cash. It’s not free on PS Plus for July, with Sony choosing to offer Towerfall Ascension and Strider instead this month.

Guacamelee was also a game that originally launched on the PS3 exclusively back in April 2013. This means that the PS4 version is a port, but that doesn’t take anything away from the fact that it is an excellent game for those that have never heard of it.

So good in fact, that IGN had deemed it worth of a 9/10 score in their Guacamelee PS3 review which you can check out again here. How does the PS4 version differ in comparison though?

We have added a video below showing an early look at the game – including the full intro which shows hero Juan gaining his powers after being killed initially by the evil Carlos Calaca.

Keep watching and you’ll fall in some with the beautiful art style in this game and it should give you enough reason to make a decision on whether to buy on Tuesday or not.

For those that are interested in buying Guacamelee on PS4, do you think the game is good enough for purchase? Enjoy the 15 minute gameplay below and let us know what you think.



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