GTA V Monster Truck Liberator location and price

By Alan Ng - Jul 1, 2014

As we told you earlier, the GTA V 1.15 update is now live. It came as a surprise to gamers as many were not expecting another GTA V update two weeks in a row, but Rockstar has come good with a special GTA V Independence Day patch.

More importantly, it adds even more new vehicles in GTA V 1.15, one of which is a return for the Liberator Monster Truck. For those that are just logging in or for some reason can’t play the game right now, we give you a quick heads-up on where you’ll be able to locate the beast.

For those looking for the Liberator location, simply head to the Warstock website to buy the vehicle. We hope you have some spare cash available, as you’ll need to pay just over $740,000 to get your hands on it.


You won’t regret the purchase though as the vehicle really is a beast on the streets. To give you an idea of the fun that you are in for, we have some early gameplay to bring you showing the Liberator in action.

Let us know if you think it is worth paying over $700,000 for this car. Are you currently enjoying the GTA V 1.15 update so far?

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  • joshua

    ive got the update but i dont have the monster truck or anyone of them plzzz help

  • How do you find it in the offline version? Also, how do you get more ammo for the Firework launcher and musket? I went to ammunation and they didn’t even show these weapons.

    • Mo

      Same problem

      • I finally got the weapons to appear in AmmuNation, but alas the truck is online only…

  • Kevin Alan Ashcroft

    Is there going to put the attack cooper in on wends Thursday or Friday