Google Doodle with Argentina Vs Switzerland lineups

World Cup fever is still upon us as we enter the knock-out stages of the tournament in Brazil. Google are loving the tournament too it seems, as we can see that the tech giant has updated the Google homepage with a Argentina Vs Switzerland logo.

Google has actually been one of the best sources in finding out World Cup 2014 results and the latest progress. The power of their search engine has enabled users to find out information about the matches simply by searching World Cup in the Google bar.

For today’s design, it features the highly anticipated showdown between Argentina and Switzerland which is due to kick off in the next 30 minutes. More importantly though, if you click the Doodle you will be redirected to the official Argentina Vs Switzerland lineups, as Google has already obtained the live team sheet.


It’s fantastic that you can read this information simply by clicking the Google logo on your computer or even mobile device if you are on the move. Try it out now and you’ll see for yourself that Google has provided all of the information to make it easy for you.

Google has been following the World Cup since the tournament began, but are you a fan of their World Cup doodles so far? We have to say that the design for Argentina Vs Switzerland is one of the best so far.

We’re not sure if you will be able to see this Google Doodle yet in your timezone, but it is live for us – what about you? Feel free to drop your prediction on the match below.



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