Fallout 3 completion time reignites cheats debate

The best Fallout 3 completion time has most likely been revealed within the video below, and if you want to beat it then you will need to complete the game in under 24 minutes. While some of you will hope Fallout 4 lasts much longer than this, others point out that the speedrun is using cheats and this starts a debate about what exactly is cheats within the current Fallout game.

This solid gameplay would be hard to beat in terms of time, although those that state this is cheating with glitches also don’t like the idea of rushing through games. One YouTube viewer stated, “I understand a good speedrun, but when it uses an exploit/glitch, then I call them cheat runs with no real value in my eyes.”.

Those that disagree with the above feel “this player put in hundreds of hours to get this good, and it’s not cheating when exploiting faults in the game. Most gamers don’t have the skill to pull this off”.

Do you think this Fallout 3 completion was performed using cheats, or is this justifiable in your opinion? Watch one of the best Fallout 3 speed run times below and then share a comment with your thoughts.



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