Best Pokemon team for Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire

By Alan Ng - Jul 1, 2014

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire is incoming on November 21 and is sure to be one of Nintendo’s best sellers in the buildup to Christmas. Pokemon X and Y players will be switching to the next game and we can see that there is already a big debate brewing on what is the best Pokemon team for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

This is like the million dollar question for Pokemon veterans though as most will know that any team can be good with the right tactics and planning. We think there isn’t any single ‘best’ team that you can bring into the next game as really it will all come down to personal preference.

Obviously X and Y players will have their primary team which they hope to catch again in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire and train them up again in the Hoenn region.

Game Freak will introduce brand new mega evolutions for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, but have you already decided on the main team that you will bring into the next game in an attempt to dominate online battles?

As you can see above, many gamers already think they have a ‘best’ squad in Pokemon. Do you also have a favorite team or will you just go with the flow and start fresh this November?

If you think you have the best Pokemon team already, list it below and see what everyone else thinks of it.

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  • Brandon Tubon

    Does anyone think that Sceptile,manetric,Gallade,salamence,Sharpedo, and torkoal is a good pokemon team for Omega Ruby or Alpha sapphire?

    • zoey

      I thought 2 grass types would be bad

  • yash


  • kyle

    swampert, gallade/gardevior, shiftry, metagross, manetric, altaria

  • Steph Bell

    I’ll start fresh on one game and trade over unused 5-6iv pokemon. I sure hope the US gets more event poke this round.

  • Honest Discussion ✌

    1) Ground/ Dragon
    2) Water/ Flying
    3) Dragon/Fire or Dragon/Ice
    7)Ground/ Water
    8) Ghost/Bug
    9) Grass/ Fight
    10) Ground/ Flying
    11) Rock
    12) Normal/ Dragon
    13) Steel/ Psychic
    14)Electric/ Flying
    15)Fighting/ Steel
    16) Psychic/ Steel (levitate)
    17) Electric/ Psychic
    18) Electric / Dark. (17 and 18 yin yang)
    19) Poison/ water
    20) Steel/Rock ( levitate)
    21) grass/ fairy
    23)dragon/water or dragon/electric
    24) electric/ flying
    25) Steel/ bug
    27)-Regirock= rock/psychic
    28)-Regice= Ice/Fight
    30)Regigigas- Normal/ Ghost

  • Honest Discussion ✌

    I also want These megas:
    Rayquaza x2
    Pikachu (in the anime ash could have pikanite)
    The fossil pokemon
    And last but not least the Regis!
    (Where is regigigas at ? Is he in the first cave where you open the others after you get the other three?)

  • Honest Discussion ✌

    Well since we are able to trade by name and all I will pick… A Swampert, Blaziken, Raichu , Florges, the ancient Kyogre , and a Rayquaza. I look forward to seeing two devolutions for Rayquaza both alpha and sapphire but they trade Rayquaza gets the omega in sapphire and in ruby he gets alpha the reason I’m saying this is because you won’t be able to get both without cheating or trading

    • Steph Bell

      Unless you buy both games, I like usually to make sure I get everything.

  • shadowfalcon1201

    sceptile,manectric,exploud,swellow,wailord, and mawile

    • Honest Discussion ✌

      That would be a nice team