4th Generation Toyota Prius efficiency delays release

The eventual release date for the 4th generation Toyota Prius looks to be set back by several months because of a delay in production. This would mean we might not see the next-gen model until December 2015 because Toyota are trying to get far more from the vehicle in terms of efficiency.

It seems that the 4th Generation Toyota Prius efficiency is not as good as the Japanese car manufacturer would like, and so are hard at work trying to improve the mpg figure for the new Hybrid.

According to the source, there are no exact details for the delay, but they did suggest that work on the powertrain is ongoing to try to squeeze out as much efficiency as possible.

4th Generation Toyota Prius efficiency

We have to just point out that its release will not take place in December 2015, as this is the possible date when production of the fourth generation Prius begins, which means it will not be seen on the streets until early 2016, a huge blow for the company.

Let’s not forget, this is mere speculation, and Toyota could make up time and get the all-new Prius into production far sooner than 17 months, well that’s the hope.

There have been a number of enchantments in Hybrid technology, which means the electric motors can be made smaller, which means they will be lighter, as well as having far better thermal efficiency. This alone could help to improve fuel economy by at least 10 percent.



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