Sniper Elite 3 beta keys deactivated

We have a word of warning to those of you who have recently purchased a Sniper Elite 3 beta key. If you have suddenly received a Sniper Elite 3 deactivated message, it is due to some keys for the game that have in fact been stolen according to the developer.

This is really bad news for those that assumed that they had purchased a key fair and square. However, some keys for the game were distributed without the permission of either developers Rebellion or publisher 505 Games.

As a result, those with the affected keys have been shocked to find that their game has been shut down. While this isn’t a good result at all, we can tell you that Rebellion has offered a goodwill gesture in an attempt to cool the bad blood that is swirling around on internet forums.

The beta key that granted access to the Target Hitler DLC will still be given away for free, as long as you can provide the details to Rebellion on where you purchased your code.

Details, including a full explanation by the developers can be read here on Steam. You’ll have to submit the information before July 4 though so you don’t have long to get the DLC.

Are you angry at the moment after finding out that your game has been deactivated? Get in touch with us below if you are affected.



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