PS3 4.60 update with hidden change

Last week we told you that the PS3 4.60 update had gone live. At the time it didn’t appear to offer any new functionality for users, while the notes mentioned some general stability updates which has become standard procedure for Sony.

However, we have discovered that it looks like Sony has made a PS3 4.60 hidden change with their latest firmware and it could explain why the update was classed as a mandatory update – ie, users needing to first update before they could sign in to their PSN services.

Now, we can see that it looks the latest Sony update has been issued in order to improve Sony’s latest efforts in clamping down on the PS3 underground activity. More specifically, information posted here reveals that the 4.60 patch disabled all ODE activity.

Those who have experience with this will know that it relates to using a custom firmware with the PS3, a problem that first started with the Geohot saga in 2010, when the hacker was able to gain access to internal files of the system.

We regularly see these security and stability updates from Sony but even though you may think it seems like a pointless update, there is always something else going on behind the scenes.

Let us know your thoughts on this and if you have discovered anything else after installing 4.60.



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