NBA 2K15 meeting my player wishlist

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 30, 2014

The fans of NBA 2K15 have been giving their wishlist for months and with the release date arriving in just over 3 months, final features are becoming clear with many gamers feeling very positive about what they’ve seen so far. Those of you thinking about the NBA 2K15 my player mode might be glad after seeing some of the improvements, which includes adding more voices.

NBA 2K15 would obviously come with an improved “MyPlayer” mode, and the Most Valuable Players trailer revealed everything is heading the right way. Some of the desired new features include improved crowd reactions, suggested announcer catchphrases by users, and another MyPlayer improvement with our choices seen in reactions from fans, teammates, and referees.

When 2K introduced MyCareer last year, a new story mode, it came with voice acting by Lebron James and at the same time left a few fans wanting more voices. NBA 2K15 answers the fans with many more voices being revealed as you progress through the season.

This blog reveals behind-the-scenes photos of voice acting for the upcoming game and names already on the list include Al Jefferson, Brandon Knight, rook Lopez, Channing Fry, Thaddeus Young, Andre Iguodala, Al Horford, Trey Burke, Andre Drummond, Gerald Wallace, and of course the NBA 2K15 cover star Kevin Durant.

What do you hope to see improve in the NBA 2K15 MyPlayer mode? Are you happy with what you’ve seen developing so far?

Personally, we loved the introduction of MyPlayer and adding more guys will now make the gameplay that much better.

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  • a guy

    Make the my players team play like the regular team would, with saying have them play like the A.I states better defense and on offense able to make their own plays happen instead of always passing the my player the ball. Run better plays etc… etc

  • Rick Smith

    Lastly create a fan depending on your points his style and seats and scouting ability. Always a fan for your game that might not show if you lost a few times or might be front row pointing out of the tv wigling his thumbs giving you a heads up for wins leading to good seats for him before the game. Other fans that go out as drones collecting data so when you click on a specific fan in menu screen it lists who he is following per user the bottom line reward me interact w me enough with the corny side games make the user vs user the movie

  • Rick Smith

    And occasional blurbs from cell phones like they do in some movies were you dont see the phone but abive the guys head there is the texting blurb cant wait, just sat down, what a move by etc just occasionally though ot to distracting create a buz.

  • Rick Smith

    The human emotion is great but needs to evolve and not just limit itself to the game the players, fans etc need to interact with me through my gameplay reward me by identifying me. Tell me how I am playing with him encourage me and talk smack for me against my opponent. The fans need to be large or small based on my wins everytime you play the game should note how good you are until you are selling out arena’s . The arenas need to have fans going to the bathroom before OT hot dog vendors walking around

  • Rick Smith

    I hate all the B.S. I like to compete play against someone creating fictional b ballers and all the non since takes the focus away from the real fun. Lebron and all the players and announcers and
    fans and the scoreboard should reward me talk about my gameplay point out of the tv look out of the tv tell me how great im playing were playing together and talk smack against my opponent and tell me to step it up if im playimg poor.