Twitter helps connect Chiellini and Suarez with apology

Within the last hour Liverpool FC’s Luis Suarez made a public apology to Giorgio Chiellini on Twitter, which can be seen within a letter featured in a tweet on this page. The tweet was published by Suarez within the last hour, and quickly received a reply on Twitter from Chiellini as seen in another tweet.

Twitter once again solves issues between figures – we’ve seen social networks used to cause massive breakups between celebrities, but also it connects others and helps solve problems between stars as well. In this situation, two football players were featured to millions on live TV after Suarez seemed to take a bite out of Chiellini during a World Cup game.

Now, these two players have connected on Twitter and seemly made up, but should this be recognized by FIFA and allow Luis Suarez to start playing in the World Cup or for Liverpool much sooner?

Take a look at the tweets above and the reply from Chiellini, asking for his suspension to be reduced, and then share a comment below with your thoughts on what should happen next.



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