iOS 7.1.2 update without battery life fix

By Alan Ng - Jun 30, 2014

Apple has taken their time on this one, but we can finally confirm that the iOS 7.1.2 update has gone live. It is available to download now by checking device settings and should be around 32MB in size depending on the device you are using.

As expected, iOS 7.1.2 is not a major update with Apple wasting no time in stating that the update is primarily targeted at bug fixes. There are also some security updates in iOS 7.1.2, one of which relates to data protection within Mail attachments.

If you were looking for some improvements to iOS 7.1 battery life, it looks like you won’t find them in this update – or at least Apple hasn’t deemed it necessary to mention in their update notes.

Looking at the other updates notes, we can see that Apple has improved iBeacon connectivity and stability too, although it’s not new functionality which some of you were hoping.

The update has been out for over 10 hours so by now most of you should have already installed it. Let us know if you have noticed any general performance improvement on iOS 7.1.2 and how your battery life is handling at the moment on the new update.

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  • Puppy

    Even after turning off the power, lost 90% battery life after 12 hours!

  • Gab

    mine seems to last much longer. With 7.1.1 I usually had to plug it in around lunch time with 30% left. Yesterday with comparable usage and 7.1.2 installed, it reached 30% at 7pm

  • Gummy

    I just updated and already in having a huge battery drain problem.

  • PaulP

    I updated last night. Immediately after, battery lift took a HUGE hit. The ONLY thing different from yesterday and today is 7.1.2.

    (My phone is 7mos old)

    • PaulP

      Example: My phone was on the charger at a painfully long “14%” – i took the phone off the charger — “13%.” I love my phone, but it’s acting like there’s an extra drain… I can’t expalin. I have “restared”, powered down, powered up — nothing.

  • AT

    No battery fix, lost 40% battery life overnight!!