Amazon Fire TV update following Android TV

By Peter Chubb - Jun 30, 2014

We are not certain if it is just a coincidence, but since hearing news of Android TV, an Amazon Fire TV update has been announced in an effort to raise its own game. Having said that, this does seem like a half-hearted attempt to bring a much-needed feature.

During the weekend Amazon saw fit to update Fire TV to bring the Amazon Cloudplayer feature to the device, as well as making Prime movie and TV content much easier to find, but only the content that is free to those who subscribe to Prime.

Amazon Prime Music support is still missing on Fire TV, which seems to us to be yet another missed opportunity. It is such a shame for the Fire TV to not get this feature, but its set-top-box seems to have been left out in the cold.

We are not sure how long it will be, but if Amazon wants to hold off the impeding showdown with Android TV, then it is going to need to bring that and other features.

They have made a start by bringing Amazon Music, which allows your stored music files to be stored and played via its Cloud service. The Amazon FreeTime that was already used by Kindle Fire tablet users has now made it to Fire TV, allowing children to view subscription-based videos and apps to help educate them.

What other updates does Amazon TV need in order to fend of the Android TV newcomer?

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  • Lynnneez

    All they did is release the features they had promised would come out late spring/early summer. Free time, cloud player, and prime browse were all expected to be released around now, if not earlier. Prime music was never promised, but it will be coming later this year. Considering that the updates weren’t even announced, I don’t think it was any attempt to trump google, which released essentially the same features that fire tv has, at least once their third party box is released. Their platform on smart tv’s doesn’t really compete with fire tv. When looking for streaming options, who is going to buy a brand new smart tv over a box that costs a fraction of the cost of the tv.