Zelda Wii U map size expectations

By Alan Ng - Jun 29, 2014

We all know that the new original Zelda game on Wii U is going to be amazing when it finally releases. One thing we haven’t spoke about though is the Zelda Wii U map size, with Nintendo promising an open-world environment that could be a dream come true for old fans of the series.

Big worlds are expected whenever a new Zelda game is in the pipeline and this Wii U game may end up with boasting the biggest world for Link and his companions to travel in.

While it is obviously still too early to see the full map, Zelda producer Ejii Aonuma has however given us a tease on what players can expect in terms of map size.

When speaking to MMGN during E3, he actually compared the Wii U Zelda map to the size of Kyoto – a real life city in Japan. Those familiar with the area will know that it is a massive city, so there can be little doubts that this game isn’t going to cut any corners in relation to scale.

Aonuma also said that during a player’s travels, he or she will go from place to place acquiring new abilities, but also new knowledge as well in order to progress further on in the game.

Let’s hope that it isn’t too long until we see the actual map in front of us. If you are a hardcore Zelda fan, tell us what you are most excited about for this game.

Do you think it could end up being better than A Link to the Past?

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  • CrookedlyBent

    I’m really looking forward to the new Zelda game. The vast world and promise of Nintendo’s creativity have got me watching its trailer over and over…and over…

    …and over…
    I really hope that it’ll be a quilt game, taking good parts and notes from previous titles and stitching them in. OoT’s lack of hand-holding. SS’s great storyline. MM’s brilliant and inventive side quests, which would really add as the world is so big and free. And unless they have a Midna-esque idea, I’d prefer ALBW’s no-companion routine. Not only do these little things make a game much better, but they’d really tie the new title to the series. This whole new idea of a free-roaming landscape and maybe even voice acting (no!!) is putting a lot of creative risk on the platter, and it would be comforting to have some nice traditions to easily slip it into the Zelda chain, so it doesn’t float off on its own. All in all, I’m really anticipating and excited for this game, but also hoping to Goddess it doesn’t go too far.
    Go on, Nintendo! Make us proud!

  • Asturias_Knytt

    This is what I want them to include:

    No maps at all – instead there should be magical orbs that you’d have to light up around each of the world’s districts which would then allow you to use map markers on the Wii U game-pad and annotate them. This would encourage exploration and a pro-active play style. Zelda needs to step away from hand-holding entirely. It’s made the series so predictable and taken away the sense of wonderment.

    A number of difficulty settings/procedurally generated enemies and AI to add further depth.

    The ability to leave and read ‘Hero Notes’ through Miiverse like in Dark Souls to help newbies while not removing any challenge for experienced players. The game should be really difficult once again. Sheikah Stones and random Miiverse item drops would give players additional help should they need it. Perhaps there could be some sort of P-Wing item that makes Link OP if the player dies too many times in a particular area too. There’s no excuse for Nintendo to not appeal to both casual and enthusiast gamers.

    A return to the arcade-RPG hybrid style of NES Zelda instead of the done to death stale puzzle-adventure style that Aonuma just won’t let go of. The focus should be on exploration, combat, and discovering secrets in an over-world that has many caverns, both above and under water. Puzzles should be used in a more refined and rationed way so they have more impact instead of being ‘just another puzzle’.

    A much more dynamic combat system – punish poor timing for one. I think the developers should work on the shield parrying system. Certain attacks should be have a 100% hit rate, for example, and blocking certain attacks should cause recoil. Dodging would be the way to go in these scenarios and obviously each enemy would have different stats as would your defensive/offensive equipment. I would like to be able to chain combos from enemy to enemy too with a more versatile move-set at a smooth but measured pace.

    Hidden mechanics – for those that want an even richer experience there should be moves not mentioned in the game or in the manual. The basic move-set should be on a leaflet and that’s it. There should no tutorials whatsoever. Let the player ‘learn’ the game on their own.

    Wildlife! I want a living breathing world full to the brim with an array of whimsical creatures, some docile and others aggressive. A day and night cycle would also be great. Perhaps different behaviours based on the time of day? It would be cool if the docile creatures gave you defensive ‘boosts’ against specific magical attacks if you leave some kind of ‘bait’ for them while the aggressive creatures would leave behind offensive ‘boost’s after defeating them.

    Idyllic pathways as well as paths littered with traps within the over-world itself – danger that comes vertically as well as in your line of sight. I want to get lost in this Zelda game. I want there to be not just one, two or three directions to go, but much more than that with lots of dead ends. Some of them could be harmless while others could have secrets ‘springs’ or ‘wells’ to refill on magic and health and others still could be booby trapped and/or have enemies waiting to ambush you. I’d like to be able to smash the ground and drop into secret areas or dungeons. It would be awesome to just suddenly fall through soft ground into an area and not knowing what dangers there are within.

    I think it would be much more interesting if people communicated via Miiverse to help each other through the ways I mentioned and it would nice little throwback to the old days where we had to draw stuff out on paper…yes, I’m THAT old (not really =P). The markers that I suggested would be cool way for the world to slowly unfold in a more modern way and it would only be ‘as big as the player wants it to be’. They could do it all on their own or use more markers, item drops and/or ‘Hero’ tips via Miiverse. Perhaps you’d have to earn these markers too. I reckon it would be a more rewarding game because of these features and give the game an even greater sense of scale. I don’t really don’t see the satisfaction in having everything placed on a map for you. It makes the game more predictable.

    I suppose if someone is really struggling there could be some system in place where a map location is automatically generated especially for them, but this would only appear if they’ve tried all the other ways of getting help and still can’t figure out how to progress. Think of the P-Wing in 3D Land/3D World.

    Sheikah Stones as help too in new zelda

    Zelda U should be a giant leap in Nintendo experimenting with an achievement system. The player could earn a ‘badge’ for every Bombers’ Notebook-esque task completed. They could reintroduce the picto-box using the Wii U game-pad. Perhaps rupees could be much rarer in this game and you could sell these pictures and use the money to buy useful quest items as well [they’d be saved in your notebook though]. I’d love to get rewarded for exploring. For instance, selling pictures
    of hidden dungeons could unlock weapon tier upgrades/more aesthetic
    options or interesting cut-scenes like in Majora’s Mask [most of them
    don’t even have to be long at all, just short snippets that make you
    smile while the longer quests could have more substantial ones]. Some photos could be time-specific using the in-built clock of the system itself [killing Big Poes, for instance] or down to recurring events that are procedural in nature whilst others still could be awarded for taking down a number of enemies/accepting bounties.

    To mix it up a bit they could also have a few Sherlock Holmes style
    mini-quests where you have to find several clues and talk to particular
    NPCs in a given range on the map to solve mysteries such as how to get
    past seemingly blocked off areas, Bomber Hideout-like pass codes, how to
    fill up ‘magic wells’ and really well hidden magic bean spots etc.

  • Asturias_Knytt

  • Kevin

    I agree Nikaloz, with no fast travel people just don’t have time to waste walking back to get something they forgot. At least make it so this ability comes available only until later on at a certain point. Also another cool thing would be if everything you see on TV screen is actually gameplay. So your hearts and magic meter(if any), world map, all items collectibles only appear on the wii u control screen. Everything’s done in real time. No pause menu to change weapons heal with potions, etc. As for this game being better than link to the past is impossible, because no matter how good something is you just can’t beat a classic

    • Nikaloz

      Yeaaah it’d be really hard to beat the greatness of a Link to the Past. On a personal note I may have liked Ocarina of Time more but they are both so great. I did think Majora’s Mask was cool, but not as cool as ALTTP. As for Windwaker I think that’s at the bottom of my list of Zelda games. Just wasn’t all that into it. I can’t wait to see more footage!

  • Asturias_Knytt

    Better than ALTTP?

    Heard of Majora’s Mask?

    Heard of Ocarina of Time?

    Heard of Windwaker?

  • Nikaloz

    Fast travel is definitely a necessity. Sure it’d be more
    realistic but this game is not going in that direction. Not everyone has to
    time walk back across the map if they forgot something. This would be grounds
    to quit playing early for some people. I would like to see some nods for other
    Zelda game. Link’s Adventure to more accurate. That game was rough. Skill tree
    and crafting abilities would be nice to see. I am so excited to see what they
    bring to the table with this. It does have the potential to be better than A
    Link to The Past. Only time will tell.

  • Kevin

    I think this game should not include any possible way to warp, fast travel. Therefore you’ll be forced to always travel by walking or horseback. It’ll be more realistic and a challenge to remember where a certain previous location is that you may have visited.

    • Andrew Nesterov

      You can just ignore warping, though. Just like you can ignore heart pieces.

      • Mark

        Although if they made the overworld interesting enough, with plenty to do, dynamic monsters, and countless secrets worth explore, traveling back and forth by foot or horse wouldn’t really be that much of a chore. It would be part of the adventure.